Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Forgotten TV: Something Else (1970)

 I'm not even sure this next item aired in my home district back in the day. We've previously shown some music clips, but now we have a full episode of a 1 year syndicated series from 1970, Something Else.

Something Else has been described as an adult version of the former ABC series, Where The Action Is. Independent producer Robert E. Peterson thought he could copy Dick Clark's formula for Action, but I'm guessing that a lack of station clearances, coupled with poor ratings, led to this show's demise.

Actor-comedian John Byner is the series host. In this sample episode, we'll see Poco, Linda Ronstadt, Mark Lindsay, and the Flying Burrito Brothers. Dick Tufeld is our announcer.

Filmed on location, with no laugh track.

No rating.

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