Friday, November 27, 2020

Baby be unhinged, part 3: President Trump declares Twitter a threat to national security

 President Donald Trump is the most visible, if not also most active, Twitter user on the planet. 

But because the social media platform has posted disclaimers on his tweets, suspended a Pennsylvania Republican from the platform for perpetuating Trump's torrent of election fraud lies, and suspended other accounts pro tempore, now America's Oldest Baby is raging, declaring Twitter a threat to national security.

"WAAAHHHHH!!! They're censoring us! WAAAHHHHH!"

It's not censorship, dumbass. You're the one who's polluting Twitter and other platforms with your garbage claims of non-existent fraud. You have lawyers in your age group who are in danger of being disbarred for promoting your garbage. Rudy Goofiani and "Silly" Sidney Powell belong in Bellevue, and if you ain't careful, you're joining them. If you're suddenly hating on Twitter so much, why do you still have an account?

What you need is someone to edit and filter your remarks in order to save your account, and those of your moron sons, while we're at it, from being terminated. Twitter ain't harming national security. YOU ARE!

You just can't handle the fact, Mr. President, that all of America, and the entire planet, for that matter, now knows what kind of excessively pampered man-child you really are. And that's the biggest shame of it all.

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