Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Baby be unhinged: Trump fires another security head

 It has been two weeks since Election Day. Ten days after media outlets declared former Vice President Joe Biden as the next President.

Predictably, America's Oldest Baby stubbornly refuses to concede, and would rather find scapegoats.

"WAAAAHHHH!! I need to fire someone! WAAAAAHHH!"

The latest scapegoat is Christopher Krebs, who was in charge of a division of the Department of Homeland Security. His crime? Telling the truth. While President Trump continues to mislead the public in a vain attempt to overturn the election results, Krebs confirmed, as others have, that there was no fraud, despite Trump's persistent claims to the contrary.

"WAAAAHHH! I'm right! You're wrong. You're fired! WAAAAHHH!"

All but one of Team Trump's lawsuits contesting the election have been tossed into the garbage bin, where they belong. Still, Trump persists, because convincing his brainwashed base is all he has left. He only has two options come January. Walk like a man, or be dragged out, kicking & screaming, like the deranged lunatic he has exposed himself to be. Nearly 40 years of a carefully cultivated public image, shattered like so much glass. It's either jail or a mental hospital for Trump in 2021. He has been publicly disgraced to the point where even thinking of running again at 78 in 2024 is a pipe dream.

Let me close by saying this. In the video for his 1985 hit, "I Lost on Jeopardy!" (italics mine), "Weird" Al Yankovic lets announcer Don Pardo give him the bad news, including the fact that Yankovic had embarrassed himself on national television, and shamed his family. Of course, it was all in jest and good humor. The same cannot be said for Trump, a walking embarrassment ever since he began a birther crusade against Barack Obama in 2008. This, then, is the image of Trump that will live forever:

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