Monday, August 9, 2021

Call him Governor Casanova

 The calls are getting louder for NY Governor Andrew Cuomo to resign.

However, the three term governor, seeking to do what his father could not, and run for a 4th term successfully next year, isn't heeding those calls. Unfortunately, the late Mario Cuomo, a respected statesman during his time as governor, would be turning over in his grave over what's been happening in Albany of late.

As of this morning, two of the eleven women who've accused Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment have come forward to speak publicly on the subject, the latest being Brittany Commisso, who shared her story with CBS & the Albany Times-Union in an exclusive interview. Reuters offers an excerpt:

It was being reported as of press time that Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul was already making preparations, just in case Cuomo is sent packing, to become New York's first female governor. A wise move, because that could actually become a reality before the year is out. To Cuomo's credit, he tried to apologize for his actions, unlike a certain other serial pervert from NYC, who preferred to brag about his.

Earlier Sunday, the New York Post, which supported that other pervert, gleefully promoted on its front page pictures of Food Network personality Sandra Lee, Cuomo's ex-girlfriend, on holiday with her current steady, as if they thought rubbing salt into Cuomo's political wounds would sell more papers. It's been reported, too, that Cuomo was not faithful to Lee in their relationship, which ended a couple of years ago, and now we know why.

To that end, we hereby christen Andrew Cuomo as Governor Casanova, though I'd think he'd take this Levert song from 1987 out of his iPad.....

And, yeah, there's probably a few more like him across the country, regardless of party affiliation.

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