Thursday, August 5, 2021

People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Or: Guess who gets a Dunce Cap!

If you didn't already know, President Joe Biden is the most famous stutterer this side of Jimmy Stewart, and, like Stewart, learned how to control the stutter.

Desperate to keep his 15 minutes of infamy going, Dumb Donald II (Donald Trump, Jr.) decided to tweet the other day, mocking Biden's stuttering. Apparently, this jackass wasn't a fan of Porky Pig back in the day. Rather than concern himself with the reports that his girlfriend, Screaming Kimi (Kim Guilfoyle), had reached out to ESPN/Fox analyst Alex Rodriguez the other week, Trump put himself in line for an award he knows so well.

But, before we do that, let's listen to what Farron Cousins has to say about Trump's latest gaffe, and how it relates to his father's own bumbling......

Farron summed it up better than I ever could. We all stumble over our words sometimes. I know I do. And you do know what's coming your way, don't you, Donnie? Take a gander below, if you even bother:

It's certainly deserved this time.


Silverstar said...

Stick to doing lines, Junior, and leave the one-liners to the experts.

hobbyfan said...

Sooner or later, he'll get nailed for cocaine possession, and probably has a big enough stash to put him away for a looooooooong time to come.