Friday, August 13, 2021

Celebrity Rock: Rock & Roll is Here to Stay (1979)

 From season 5 of Laverne & Shirley:

An annual tradition of the series was the Shotz Brewery's annual talent show, which was an excuse to give Lenny & Squiggy (Michael McKean & David L. Lander) an opportunity to sing. The tradition was terminated when the cast relocated to Los Angeles.

From December 1979, the guys are joined by Laverne & Shirley (Penny Marshall & Cindy Williams), wearing gold lame outfits that look like they were inspired by some of the Sha Na Na crew, for a cover of Danny & The Juniors' "Rock & Roll is Here to Stay". Future Spinal Tap member Christopher Guest, who also appeared with Lenny & The Squigtones on American Bandstand, sits in.

The plot to the episode was that Mr. Shotz wanted a patriotic theme for the talent show, which explains Squiggy dressed as Benjamin Franklin.

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