Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Dunce Cap Award: Silly Sidney Powell & Steve Bannon

Silly Sidney Powell just doesn't get it.

While the ambulance chaser was on Steve Bannon's podcast Tuesday, she touched off a new conspiracy theory, claiming that the January 6 insurrection at the Capitol was an FBI sting aimed at supporters of outgoing president Pecos Pampers (Donald Trump, of course), when it was anything but the sort.

Farron Cousins explains:

I happen to agree with Farron on one salient point. That Powell should be disbarred from practicing law anywhere she has a license, much like Rudy Goofiani's had his license suspended in New York and Washington, DC. Neither Powell nor Goofiani can actually function as a lawyer anymore, not so much because of age, but because their sanity is completely in question.

And the same goes for Bannon, who keeps inviting idiots like Powell, Prince Pillow (Mike Lindell), and Goofiani to continue their peddling misinformation on his show. There's more than enough evidence that shows the rioters were Trump supporters, incited by the likes of Trump and Goofiani at a rally on the morning of January 6, and for Bannon and the rest of these goobers to continue to recast the rioters as "political prisoners" is irrevocable BS. That having been said, Bannon AND Powell get the Dunce Caps this week.

One size fits all. Reality is calling. If you don't answer that, Bellevue will be calling you next.

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