Monday, August 9, 2021

Who's the real villain? A Fox Shmooze interview with Citizen Pampers gets edited on YouTube

 For someone who's been railing against his formerly favorite channel of late, Citizen Pampers (Donald Trump) still gets interview time on Fox Shmooze. This time, he appeared on Unfiltered with host and sycophant Dan Bongino. While the interview aired uncut on the air and on the network website, it was edited on YouTube, which, admittedly, reaches a larger online audience than Fox Shmooze. Guess who's not happy.

"WAAAAHHHH! I've been censored! WAAAHHHH!!!"

Trump issued a statement through his current press drone, Liz Herrington, who posted it on Twitter (which should be shutting this down any day once they realize Citizen Pampers is doing an end around on their ban of his misinformation-filled garbage rants), complaining about how Fox edited the interview.

Welp, it may not be entirely Fox Shmooze. Yes, they're still facing litigation over promoting the man-child's increasingly unhinged whining that the election was stolen from him 9 months ago (it wasn't), and that's why the video was edited on YouTube. Was it their call? Was it YouTube's? Or both?

As long as we're discussing Fox Shmooze, America's Favorite Airhead, Kaylame McEnany, is trying to mislead the public in regards to the Biden administration's handling of COVID, and comparing it to the man-child's lazy approach. All we're going to say is, take whatever Kaylame says with a can of salt. Not just a grain, but the whole can.

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