Thursday, August 12, 2021

Florida parents are fighting back against Governor DeStupid

 Repugnant governors like Greg "Shakedown" Abbott and Ron DeStupid might want to check their egos at the door going forward.

Let's focus on DeStupid down in Florida.

A group of parents have decided to file lawsuits against DeStupid for banning mask mandates in the Sunshine State, the epicenter of the current Delta wave of coronavirus. DeStupid, as we explained last week, is more concerned with his state's revenues and his own political aspirations, though which order it actually is prioritized changes from day to day. Same thing with Abbott in Texas and Asa Hutchinson in Arkansas. They're willing to risk innocent lives so they can fill the state's coffers, or enrich themselves en route to a possible run for office at the national level.

Farron Cousins, a parent himself, discusses the suits against DeStupid.

And DeStupid is also crying for extra ventilators? Ya wouldn't be in that fix, bubbelah, if you weren't so selfish in the first place. Ya can't have it both ways, and it's time you figured that out before it's too late.

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