Friday, August 6, 2021

Weasel of The Week: Ron DeSantis

Public & private grade schools in New York begin their seasons after Labor Day, making the Empire State among the last in the country to start the school year.

In contrast, Florida is among the first, and, on August 9, children will be returning to school. Given how the Sunshine State is the current epicenter of the Delta variant of COVID-19, these kids have to mask up if they want to return to live classes.

If Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has his way, they can't.

Governor DeStupid has made it clear he'll cut off funding to any school district in the state that enacts necessary mask mandates. That alone tells you what the motivation is for DeStupid. It has to do with protecting his state's bottom line.

What a surprise. DeStupid is willing to sacrifice thousands of children, parents, et al, because he doesn't want them protecting themselves against the Delta variant. And he thinks that'll help his chances of becoming president in three years? 

Luckily, while DeStupid is suddenly trailing in recent polls, some school districts are fighting back against him. Farron Cousins explains.

Think about the last part of Cousins' message, and all those kids who tested positive last week. Unless DeStupid reverses course, and puts his greed and ego aside, it's going to get worse before it gets better. No one wants to be locked down again, and Dr. Anthony Fauci doesn't think there will be another lockdown at this point. DeStupid's me-first attitude toward the school districts of his state, however, gets him a set of Weasel ears this week.

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