Thursday, August 5, 2021

How can one man be a baby and a bully at the same time?

Last week, Congress directed the Internal Revenue Service to turn over the tax records of a certain former president who refused to disclose his records. The reaction was predictable.

"WAAAAHHH!!! It's none of their business!! WAAAHHH!!"

Guess what, Donald Trump? It IS their business, especially now that you're out of office, under investigation for various crimes, and, contrary to what you and your brainwashed, gullible supporters might think, you have zero leverage to stop them. Having your lawyers file a motion to block the transfer of those records won't work. All that does is add more proof that you've got plenty to hide.

Just to show that America's Oldest Baby is also America's Oldest Bully, Trump railed again against the women's Olympic soccer team after they finished with a bronze medal, again accusing them of being "woke", when Citizen Pampers probably doesn't know the meaning of the term in its presently common context. He just has to have a headline to stay in the public eye.

"WAAAAHHHH! You should've won the gold medal! WAAAAHHH!!"

I'll bet anything at all Citizen Pampers never played the game. I have.

I was on the ground floor, if you will, when a now-defunct Christian school here in town initiated an athletic program in 1978. I earned varsity letters in soccer & basketball, even though we were like an expansion team in the pro game. Mediocre at best, under .500 for the season. If Trump ever saw the soccer pitch, it was probably as a water boy.

Since Trump is known to like junk food, maybe someone should fix his ringtone so he hears Subway endorser Megan Rapinoe tell him to "ditch the burgers".


Silverstar said...

Someone should tell Jabba the Gut to put on some cleats and get on the field; we'll see how well he does.

The USA Women's soccer team WON the bronze medal, 3rd best in the world. So much for his theory that "being woke makes you lose". Guess Mango Mussolini must be "woke", then.

hobbyfan said...

He hasn't awakened to reality, unfortunately.