Friday, August 13, 2021

Prince Pillow's too stupid to realize he'd been conned, right along with the rest of the Legion of The Brainwashed

 Mike Lindell's 3-day cyber-symposium in Sioux Falls, where he supposedly was going to publicly reveal evidence that the 2020 election was stolen, due in part to hacks from China, ended with a thud on Thursday. Prince Pillow never delivered on his promises, which doesn't surprise anyone, made a bunch of excuses for not delivering (ditto), and, now, we're finding out that it appears Lindell and the rest of the Legion of The Brainwashed were taken in by a con man who has previously duped the CIA & the Pentagon.

Rachel Maddow explains:

Lindell's own cyber-expert admitted that he couldn't find anything to corroborate Lindell's claims. CNN had an expert doing the same. Lindell even ran off the stage on Wednesday upon learning that Dominion Voting Systems' defamation suits against him, Rudy Goofiani, and Silly Sidney Powell are moving forward.

What Lindell fails to realize is that he was an easy mark for con artist Dennis Montgomery, who in the past has run scams past the CIA (2014) and the Pentagon (2009). If anyone hands up Montgomery, then the whole chain of dominoes will fall. And, yeah, Donald Trump and his family got taken in by Montgomery, too. The former president was another easy mark because of his age, fragile ego & mind, and his dimwitted eldest children followed along.

Now, all that's needed is to find Montgomery, and end this for good.

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